Video: Afraid Of AI Taking Your Job?

AI taking your job

Video: Afraid Of AI Taking Your Job?

February 9, 2018 – AI and technology will undeniably impact human workforces, creating a shift in skills needed for future jobs.  We asked a few Swiss ladies and gentlemen about their view of AI on their jobs.

Most of the respondents think that AI is not a threat to their jobs. Caretakers believe that AI  doesn’t have emotions, which is essential for their job, whereas jobs with mostly repetitive tasks, like in the car manufacturing industry, will be more heavily affected by automation.

R.L. Adams mentioned in his article “10 Powerful Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today” on Forbes, that today’s  A.I. systems are merely advanced machine learning software with extensive behavioral algorithms that adapt themselves to our likes and dislikes. He also goes on to explain that while extremely useful, these machines aren’t getting smarter in the existential sense, but they are improving their skills and usefulness based on a large dataset.

New technologies open up new opportunities as new jobs will be created. The key is to embrace the changes that this technological wave brings and  adapt yourself accordingly. 

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