Avoras @ SEF 2017 – LIVE THE WILD

Avoras @ SEF 2017 – LIVE THE WILD

LIVE THE WILD - From June 1 to June 2, the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF), Switzerland’s leading economic conference and most important business event, took place in Interlaken. Avoras was very delighted to have participated in the nineteenth edition of the conference with more than 1,350 leading personalities from business, academia, politics and the media for an active exchange of ideas and cross-industry networking. This year’s theme of SEF.2017 “LIVE THE WILD” addresses the aspects of freedom, courage and trust.

If you build a company today, if you not start with AI (artificial intelligence) your company is outdated, says Yuri van Geest, Co-founder of ExOxo, futurologist. The New Economy demands new abilities from all those involved. The ability, for instance, swiftly to set aside old prejudices and to play by new rules with digital leadership and transformation experts.

Director of the MIT initiative Digital Economy Erik Brynjolfsson talks about the inflection point of machines becoming better than humans. He believes in a power system to move or transform things and a control system to decide where and how. Citing from his book “The Second Machine Age” he sees both problems and chances in the progress of technology. On one hand it gives great economic and environmental improvements. On the other hand the technology is increasingly determining the wealth distribution. The countermeasure to the replacement of human workforce through technology should lie within the change of education to a strengthening of human advantages compared to machines.

The tectonic shift in the digital world demands restructuring, says Karl-Erican W. Haub, CEO of the Tengelmann group. Decentralization and the transfer of power to smaller units are a strategy to be followed. Even though it seems to be hard for a traditional business, giving up of business areas that don’t pay off guarantees a good position in the future economic environment. Investing in start-ups offer know –how that can be transferred in other business area and the employment of people from the digital native generation helps to recognize the demand of this new generation. “Perserve your values but change the way you operate”, Haub closes the speech.

More info on SEF 2017: www.swisseconomic.ch/en/sef-2017

In line with this year’s theme Avoras has successfully launched the disrupting recruiting model “ExO”, to help our clients hire and build digital transformation talents, globally. Contact us for more information, now: info@avoras.com.

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