Boost your career through expertise, performance and sport

Boost your career through expertise, performance and sport

Boost your career beyond job expertise

November 24, 2017 – Over the last 8 months, many of our clients, business partners, hiring managers and labor market experts have surprisingly often expressed the positive impact of sport and exercise for employees’ and leaders’ career progression. Even competitive sports seems to release resources for business engagements. Today, for many managers and leaders training in sport is just as common as going to the office. Even though training and sport provide a good change for many managers, it is not likely the sole purpose for their increased practice in sport at amateur levels. And while the conviction held that competitive sports and leadership positions were clearly distinguished, the last few years have shown that this assessment has been changed. Exercising activities - even to a considerable extent - is in no way a time waste, it even releases resources. A whole new trend towards competitive sport is emerging in Japan, even: headings such as "Favorite Sport" or "Sports-Club Membership" are now commonplace in Japanese CVs. Although this may seem exaggerated, sporting activities have also become increasingly important in Europe as well.  

Social platforms / fitness apps / Strava

When looking at fitness enhancement and body and mind monitoring for assistance, applications and social networks are becoming increasingly crucial to athletes. There are over 8,000 apps in the "Health and Fitness" category in each of the major app stores of the well-known platforms, whether it is for jogging or as personal training coach with individual exercise programs. Strava is a great application for tracking and monitoring your training. It is a social network for Internet-based tracking for cycling, running and swimming. In contrast to other networks of this kind, Strava includes professional athletes such as racing cyclists André Greipel, Mark Cavendish, Michał Kwiatkowski or Marianne Vos in their network. Therefore, current data from various professional bike races can be evaluated on a regular basis. Furthermore, Strava is equipped with segment evaluations with leaderboards to persuade personal benchmarking.  

Sport stabilizes the mind and promotes career

In a research at the Sports University of Cologne, sports psychologists found that training and fitness can increase the success of a career. Regular physical performances promote exactly those qualities crucial for a successful career. People who exercise and train intensively are ambitious, have a goal in mind and are disciplined. Often, their self-confidence is more pronounced than others. Through cumulative experiences in competitions, they are more likely to be able to cope with stress and have a more stable mind. Ambition, perseverance and discipline often determine whether a candidate gets the leading position or not. Intense training is the best problem-solving teacher and physical fitness provides good protection against infections.  

Competitive sport teaches to deal with pressure and to achieve goals

It has been said that a healthy body provides positive effects on almost all aspects of life. Sport, even when done extensively, can mitigate the negative effects of your job and compensate for stress perfectly. Pressure from above, too few supporting co-workers, much bureaucracy and a generally high workload, to name a few, are some of the common stress builders. Running and various other endurance sport helps you reduce stress hormones, strengthens your immune system and makes you more resilient. Noteworthy, strength training is remarkably suited to forget about the stress on a job and to focus on ones’ muscles.  

Sport can help prevent depression

Sport can improve mood swings and even protect against illnesses like depression. However, it is in no way a guarantee for a cure if a person is affected by this treacherous disease. Even athletes may yield to this disease. Therefore, it is most important for those that are affected by this disease to be open about this topic. We refer here to a very successful initiative from southern Germany, in order to lift the lock over this topic:, a registered association, founded in 2016 by Philipp Birkner.  

Manage your career with professional coaching

A team of experienced personnel consultants, career coaches and athletes can show you new and exciting career opportunities. With experienced leaders, you will learn to keep the balance between work and private life. Together with top athletes and successful business consultants, Avoras will show you the tools that you can use effectively and efficiently: - You become physically and mentally resilient - You can transfer athletic methodology and goal tracking to your profession - You become more self-confident and professional in appearance Good, modern coaching that combines career and sport can expand your personal network and create new and beneficial contacts. Your sports training will empower you to rethink your own position and set the course for a better cooperation in your business.   Avoras’ career coaching helps you in your personal and professional development. For more information, feel free to contact us at   For sports-specific topics, fitness and nutritional advice, we recommend specialized institutions with a high level of expertise, such as 2vida from Switzerland.

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