Creating Internet of Your Things

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Creating the Internet of Your Things

March 23, 2018 - The Internet of Things has kept plenty of technology journalists busy during the past year, but few have answered the most important questions of how to make it relevant to your business today as practical applications are rarely found. Instead, it often seems overwhelming, complicated, and expensive.

Rapid Increase of Connected Devices

Over 20 billion smart and connected devices are expected by 2020 based on Gartner, accommodating just about every aspect of our lives. Although the Internet of Things has been getting quite the buzz for a while now, we haven’t quite felt the impact it promised to have on our daily lives. This will all change, as the cost associated with IoT adoption has dramatically decreased, enabling not only big organizations but middle-sized organizations to tap into the potential of this technology. Here’s why:
  • Hardware costs are falling
  • Cloud solutions offer lower costs, scale, and flexibility
  • Software is more advanced than ever
  • Connectivity is proliferating
As organizations scramble to get their hands on this technology, the question all organization face is whether to build their processes (from manufacturing of the chips to cloud) from the ground up, which could waste a lot of time and inflict high costs, or turn towards an IoT solution provider with a sound track record and provide tested IoT solutions that work.

Creating Business Value and Connectivity

The advantage received by turning towards an IoT solution provider is that everything is already put in place. The value connected devices bring to organizations is the data that is harnessed and transferred to the cloud, ready to be analyzed and finally providing insights that can identify opportunities such as customer behaviors while keeping everything transparent and updated, allowing for real-time decision-making processes.

Practical Use of IoT

Internet of Things allows us to see products not just as physical objects, but one that we can interact with, allowing for more control and accessibility.

Service Provider

By gaining access to data, maintenance of machines can be predicted and users notified. Businesses can then send over technicians to fix the problem, increasing customer satisfaction, and customer value.

Supply Chain

Providing digital endpoints at each supply chain stage can give businesses information regarding product inventories, shipment locations, ambient temperatures, retail purchase rates etc. to name a few. This allows companies to automatically restock inventories, predict product arrival times and potential delays, quality control issues, and react instantly to changes in demand. These are just some of the practical use areas for IoT which includes many others such as for smart cities, smart cars, retail, energy engagement, farming etc.

Your Machine, Your Data, Your Security, Your Cloud: iBot - the Perfect Solution Provider

iBot Control Systems - a global Microsoft Venture company - provides the world's first IoT solution platform for companies with large volume of products. With iBot platform companies can create the next generation of their connected products and successfully transform revenue, cost and customer experience. Key expertise of iBot is security: each solution brings customers complete  security framework: quantum encryption (quantum computing-resistant) for hardware of each single chip as well as for data transfer and cloud.
iBot Platform
iBot Platform
The company's expertise of real business implementations over the last 10 years ranges from wireless hardware such as platforms, sensors, actuators and peripherals to wireless communications and Internet of Things connectivity for industrial enterprises. With iBot, physical assets can be easily transformed into digital services (pay per use). iBot uses the highest security concepts (quantum encryption layer) for the combination of electronics, telecommunications equipment, and firmware. A typical IoT project including chip and sensor design only takes between 2 and 4 months. All major cloud providers are supported. The motto of iBot is the program:
Create the Internet of Your Things - Safe & Smart!
Founder Ravi Subramanyam and his company are taking three very pragmatic steps: 1) Analysis of the "Use Case" of the company 2) Development of the machine interface 3) Connection to the cloud For more information and expertise on IoT processes and services under iBot. Stay tuned & follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!   © Avoras - People and Technology