Do you receive good and effective Coaching?

good and effective Coaching

Do you receive good and effective Coaching?

November 6, 2018 – Fear of job loss and lack of direction… in today’s dynamic business world, personal uncertainties are being created like never. The rapid structural changes of organizations, the technology tsunami ahead of us, technologies like AI or IoT are disrupting companies into exponential organizations, everywhere. Here is what you can do: Career Coaching!

Are you prepared to cope and take off in your career? With a solid assessment of your objectives and skills, a subsequent career setting – in other words with a good and effective Coaching at your workplace, you will be able to reach a professional level you probably wouldn’t believe you could to date.

Uncertainties created by such disruptive working conditions can cause your self-confidence to decline and create insecurities, which will create personal blockages. Below, you will find the three main blockages:

1. The limits you set for yourself
2. The false assumptions from the past you bring into today
3. The fear that you are not good enough, the inner critic, or what we call the  “saboteur”

We challenge you to explore your personal shortcomings that is restricting your progress. By being self-conscious, you take the first step towards removing them. It is also vital to strength building because it allows us to identify clearly our natural talents and cultivate these talents into strengths.

With professional Coaching you will advance towards specific professional goals such as career transition, developing emotional intelligence, BRAVE leadership, effective communication skills, and work/life balance.

A good and an effective coaching process is strictly confidential and creates a safe space for you to be yourself, explore all possibilities, assess the present and create the future of your dreams.

You will experience greater job satisfaction, personal growth and a positive impact on work performance. See also a great article on executive coaching and its impact to radical performance improvement (in German).

Research has proven that change is only possible and sustainable when there is a shift in your present beliefs embodied in mind, emotions and then in action. Unlike therapy, professional coaching does not dwell in the past, it is future and action oriented.

According to the International Coaching Federation Survey in 2009, 80% of people improved self-confidence, 70% improved work performance and 67% improved work/life balance after coaching sessions.

Now is your turn to take action and change the “digital tsunami” into a “digital tailwind” for yourself! Connect with companies like Avoras who value your personal development, offer good and effective coaching and training, and your success will be right here for you to grasp. What are you waiting for?

Author: Lhackdon Beck, LB Coaching, Avoras Basel, Switzerland

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