Management Consultant: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Hello Management Consultant: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Management Consultant: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

August 12, 2020  – The notion, that higher creativity and productivity in a team is correlated with having people of various age, ethnicity, and gender, is false. A recent study published by Harvard Business Review says, that the success of team performances lies in “cognitive diversity”. Combine this with creativity and there's no limit to what a project team and individuals can achieve: propelling team achievements, careers and your salary overall.

Teams with cognitive diversity and creativity perform better, resulting in better career performance and salary overall

Cognitive diversity elaborates the way people think and tackle new, uncertain and complex problems. Teams containing people of unlike-minds will outperform homogenous groups in new situations by viewing problems from different perspectives and tackle solutions from different angles. An IBM study in 2010 with 1’500 CEOs, cited creativity as the most important leadership quality for the next 5 years. Writing this now in 2018, creativity is still persisting as a valuable trait. Creativity is similar to cognitive diversity in the different approach it has to solve problems and unique solutions it provides. Organizations need to capitalize on this knowledge and form teams based on individuals with cognitive diversity and creativity to enhance the performance and outcome of a project. Unlike-minded people in a team will open-up new opportunities for new ideas and provide valuable and unique business solutions.

How sport and exercise could enhance creativity

Sport and exercise as a stress reliever is nothing new (read more about this here), and there are other benefits as well. Exercising enhances the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a process called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), one of the two brain areas that allow for new brain cells to be generated. The hippocampus is believed to give people the ability to “imagine new situations”, which can improve memory and even lower the chances of cognitive decline and dementia through exercising. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist, believes that the new brain cell growth in the hippocampus enhances even creativity. There is not much research and data available to support this assumption, but the existing benefits of exercising and doing sport in terms of mental and physical health proved it already to be the ideal companion for work. Here's a list of benefits you gain from doing sport:
  • Memory Boost
  • Improved Concentration
  • Strengthens Mental Health
  • Slowing Cognitive Decline (Dementia)
  • Creativity

Propel your Management Consultant career to new heights with creativity!

As a Management Consultant, your job to identify business solutions is generally a critical undertaking. There is experience and a logic behind all solid decision-making. If the solution works, good. But is it the only solution? One cannot help but wonder whether there could have been better alternatives, and this is where creativity can make the difference. With creativity, you as Management Consultant, are not heavily dependent on your previous experience only. Creativity allows you to make sound observations, tackle issues from different angles and come up with solid outside-the-box recommendations. Creativity allows you to be less rigid and more intuitive in your approach to find the perfect business solution. Ultimately, turning the approach around will drive your career, recognition and salary. We could go on ranting about why more creativity is good for you. But we'll conclude here and give you a piece of advice, grab your track shoes and exercise, now! It might enhance your creativity right away and you will benefit from its long-term effects. For what it's worth, it will make you feel good about yourself. Stay tuned & follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook! © Avoras - People and Technology