Staffing for IoT – The CIO of Everything

Staffing for IoT

Staffing for IoT – The CIO of Everything

September 01, 2018 – Based on a recently published eBook by Gartner, by 2020 75% of organizations will not be able to achieve the full potential of their IoT/Digital investment. Companies need to begin staffing for IoT now!

The key reason will be the lack of adequately skilled leaders, such as IoT Architects or Data Scientists. Due to the predicted lack of the technological talents or «techies», organizations must act now! It is crucial that organizations start sourcing the right talents needed to succeed.

Companies need to think and define new roles such as IoT Architects, Enterprise Architects and the role of the CIO in general. The CIO will be responsible to bring his/her organization to collaborate with companies providing IoT solutions that work and acquire their technologies; even reaching out to integrated product solution providers such as

As the IoT will become predominantly widespread, a new kind of CIO will emerge, the CIO of Everything.

Author: Frem Joller   is a Business Analyst with Avoras AG.


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