Working as an IoT Expert

IoT Expert at iBot

Working as an IoT Expert

July 15, 2018 – Hi, my name is Frem. I started my training to become an IoT expert at iBot Control Systems AG in Basel, Switzerland a couple of months ago. I had been very interested in becoming a Business Technology Consultant after having graduated from a bachelor’s degree in International Business. The excellent jumpstart training at iBot exposed me to the very latest technologies and really opened a new path for me to work and explore. I function in a team that coordinates very closely with hardware experts and developers.

It is very fulfilling to be involved in real, hands-on electronics and IoT project tasks, for real client projects. Issues and challenges while trying to get things working is a norm and below you can see what a typical day of an IoT expert looks like.

IoT Expert at iBot

8:00: With a non-technical background, I need more time to understand some of the technical concepts used on our client projects. I spend most of my mornings understanding the notes of my previous day.

9:30: Everyday, my team meets up and discuss the tasks which need to be done today. Often, there will be urgent tasks like resolving issues of already dispatched devices or client support coming our way which requires us to hone our multitasking skills and ability to work as a team.

10:00: Depending on the projects, I will sit down with different developers to discuss the logic behind our devices. Many different bugs occur during our testing, which needs to be addressed and solved accordingly with the responsible departments.

11:00: Our team leader usually attends at least one client call meeting every morning. Once done, we will be updated on the latest status of our client’s side.

12:00: Before lunch, my team meets up one more time to catch up on the standings of our assigned tasks and plan further for the afternoon.

13:00: Lunch. This is one of the most relaxing times during the day. We eat together and talk about all things. Sometimes I get to talk to people from other departments and understand our different tasks.

14:00: The afternoon is usually quite busy as everybody is trying to finish up their workload. As I work very closely with different departments, I will have to split up my time very wisely as I need to coordinate between understanding updates and functionality of my device and having sufficient time testing it.

16:30: Coffee Break. This short break of maybe 10-15 minutes is really needed after hurrying around finishing things up. It’s also a very good time to catch up with other colleagues.

18:00: My team leaves work as we have finalized and documented the completed tasks. The last round of testing on the devices is also done during this time.

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